Welcome to Holy Child School. It's a great pleasure as the head master of this wonderful school, to introduce you to all it has to offer.

The School was founded in 1999 on bed rock of honour & commitment & to this day, the most important quality that is nurtured & cherished at H.C.S is integrity. Academic Excellence & excellence in all co-curricular spheres is worked for with deliberation & purpose. At the best of times, to cope with the rigours of living in an often difficult & unpredictable world is not easy. Honest hard work & the ability to handle pressures make for a small measure of satisfaction. And if you strive to and not reflect on success, you may have a larger collection of blessings to be thankful for. And that is what this school is all about.

Our teachers are our greatest asset and they always go the extra mile to ensure our students are happy, challenged and fulfilled, not only in the class room but also on the stage, the sports field, the debating arena, and in all manners of enrichment and leadership activities. In Collaborative environment which begins with the child initiated learning of early years, continues with creative curriculum of the junior school, and finishes with the rigours and fulfilling journey through the senior school. This special environment is one of peer support and leads to most extraordinary outcomes.

Our motto of the school is "Celui Qui Veut Peut" which means "who has will has the skill" we hope our students will become philanthropic leaders of the future , whatever the career they pursue , and that they will build bridges to other cultures. I believe the values of Holy Child education will stay with our pupil for the rest of their lives. I hope they will leave us having achieved the very best they are capable of having found out what it is that they love and good at, having learned to challenge themselves and to value other people. But most of all, I want every boy or girl who comes to Holy Child to believe that this is their School and to know that each of them has a unique part to play in its history.

Finally, we hope to instill resilience and confidence in our students, through acquiring the skill to deal with setbacks. This is crucial for their future, with its rapid changes and demands. We genuinely want our students to seize the possibilities of tomorrow through the delivery of an excellent all round, international standard education.

Please feel free to browse our website to find out more about all our programmes. I look forward to welcoming you and your child to Holy Child School for a visit. You will quickly get a sense of just how special a place this is.

With best wishes

Mintu Dubey