The Genesis

Holy Child School is an exclusive, co-educational Day-cum Residential school (from kindergarten to 12th grade) providing a happy and supportive learning environment and a high level of care, is situated near Rudrapur.

Founded in 1999, Holy Child School provides a complete and contemporary educational experience for today’s child. The school offers CBSE program in a comprehensive learning environment, with personal freedom and wide range of non academic activities. It offers broad curriculum with innovative programs outside the classroom focusing on exposure to use of current technology. Holy Child has been conceived as an answer to growing need for high standard (branded) Day as well as Residential School. Utmost care is taken of boarders at HCS to make the child feel at home.

The Holy Child School has been given affiliation by planet EDU through at Edexel for IGCSE & GCE A levels Which entitles the Students for admission indian and foreign University and technical institution.

HCS Panorama

Holy Child School is located in pollution free zone away from the hustle of the town in a picturesque multi-acre campus. It is blend of Day & Residential, co-educational system. It has been envisioned with an aim to provide a holistic and progressive educational experience. In order to provide the best of both worlds, our foremost objective is to create a secure and highly supportive environment for every student , thereby establishing a close knit Family.

H.C.S is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Further, in keeping with the contemporary perspective of inclusive education, we strive to help every child to succeed and achieve his / her best and shape his / her academic, personal and social advancement.

At Holy Child School our aim is to foster mature and caring behaviour so as to make our children willing and eager learners. We believe that with warmth and care, the day as well as boarding school experience will be truly enjoyable and enriching for each ‘Holite’ Each day every moment ushers in a host of opportunities for learning and growing.

Hence our motto: CELVI QUI VEUT PEUT (Who has the will has the skill)
HCS Passport of commitment:

The Holy Child School is a Passport to our commitment to equip children with all those qualities that would prepare them for life's journey replete with challenges. We believe that education is not confined only to the acquisition of information. We make the student tolerant and conscientious citizen of the world.

Expanding Horizon

Almost everyone agrees that quality education is about possibilities-about success in real life, unleashing the child’s own inherent talents,excitement in learning new things, being a good human being and a contributing citizen. And almost everyone talks about it. However, not enough is being done about it. For most children schooling is about being leashed, not unleashed, about fear not pursuing success, about rote learning, not deep understanding, about routine and boredom, not excitement and fun, About isolation from community, not engagement with it.

H.C.S has chosen the path of educating children as opposed to just schooling. This year we are taking big strides in innovating tools and methods being used as given in the following pages.