Interactive Smart Class Rooms

We have joined hand with n-guru NIIT for providing learning through audio visual aids and computers controlled by central server.

Exploratory method of teaching

H.C.S has adopted innovative methods of teaching. We believe that sources of information,logical documentation and process are essential components in the learning process. Students are given projects to work in a group and freely access major source books on their own. They have to learn to organize their ideas logically using modern technology. The faculty guides them in various aspects of communications such as gestures, postures and eye contact during presentation.

Presentation and Projects

Besides routine class presentation in Holy Child School, students are given independent projects during vacation. Learn at your own pace: No two children are alike. To help children learn without pressure, every class is divided into three categories, Enrichment, Innovation and excellence. These groups work at their own pace and are provided with inputs that match their learning speed. They are evaluated individually and children who show progress are moved into the higher group.