The school has well qualified, competent teachers having experience of years.

The faculty members are encouraged to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge on a regular basis for the purpose. It is made mandatory that the teachers undergo atleast one training session in a year in areas such as teaching methodology, technology in class and other related subjects. It is to place on record, with gratitude, the increased amount of workload the faculty members have taken on themselves to improve the academic standard of the school.

Evaluation Process

CBSE syllabus recommends Science Practical experiments for students of IX and above. However, the school has taken the initiative to conduct such practical experiments for all classes so that they understand the concepts through experience. These experiments are demonstrated in the classrooms and laboratories.


Counselling is a vital component of the curriculum, H.C.S believes that it is essential to guide children to cope with the challenges of adolescence, to develop positive self esteem and self confidence.

Remedial classes

Holy Child School follows a practice of inclusive education where in every child is provided an opportunity for positive educational experience. We embrace those who have special academic needs or have learning difficulties. Our academic professionals work closely with the children to integrate back into the classroom.