Congratulations To All The Students of Holy child school For successfully Qualifying The First Round Of 16th National Science Olympiad"

Student Name Class
Manan Shukla  3rd
Sidhant Rajput  5th
Ram Rajdev  6th
Riya Srivastava  9th
Ankit Tiwari  10th

The next exam is to be held on dated:16th feb'2014.

Center of examination:The Bhartiyam International School, Vill. Rameshwarpur, Kiccha Road, Lalpur.

"Congratulations To All The Students of Holy child school For successfully Qualifying The First Round Of 7th International Mathematics Olympiad

Student Name Class
Harpreet Singh  3rd
Manish Sanwal  4th
Ayush Barmola  5th
Dheeraj Sardar  6th
Gurpreet Kaur Goraya  8th
Chiranjeev Tripathi  9th
Harinder Singh  11th
Priyanshi Saxena  12th

The next exam is to be held on dated: 16th feb'2014.

Center of examination: The Bhartiyam International School, Vill. Rameshwarpur, Kiccha Road, Lalpur.



In Year 2007 Vaibhav Mann of class 12 com achieved 2nd place in National Shooting Championship in event of double trap Shooting. This championship was held in Jaipur (Rajasthan).

SESSION 2011-2012

A) National

Harmandeep Kaur of class 8 qualified for the CBSE national Athletic championship held at DPS, Meerut. She qualified two heats and reached to the semi-final of 200m Race.

B) CBSE Cluster

In 2011-12 Harmandeep Kaur of class 8 got second place in the events of 100m & 200m Race in CBSE Cluster III Athletic Championship held at Baba Kadera Singh Sr. Sec. School, Mathura. In the Same tournament, Priyanshi Rana of class 9th Secured third place in 400m Race.

C) District

In July 2011, our following students secured under mentioned positions in the Inter School district Athletic Championship held at Rudrapur Sports Stadium.

S No. Names Events Position
1 Ananta Ahuja (10th) Shot put First
2 Harmandeep Kaur (8th) 100m Race Second
3 Simran Pannu (12th science) Shot put Second
4 Prakash Singh(9th) Shot put Second
5 Jitender Singh (10th) Discuss throw Third
6 Harman Kaur (8th) 200m Race Third
7 Raja Biswas(10th) Shot put Third

On the basis of above achievements our school stood Runner up in the medal tally.

D) Regional Level

In May 2011, our following students secured the under mentioned position in Udham Singh Nagar Regional Athletic tour named held at Kashipur Sports Stadium:

S No. Student's Names Class Events Position
1 Ananta Ahuja 11 sci. Shot put First
2 Amanpreet Kaur 11 sci. High Jump
200m Race
Long Jump
Shot put
3 Sonam Khaira 9th 800m Run Third
4 Jitender Singh 11 Sci. Discus Throw
Long jump
High jump
5 Prakash Singh 10th Shot put First
6 Manpreet Singh 11 com. Shot put Third
SESSION 2012-2013

A) In October 2012, our girls athletic team participated in CBSE Cluster Athletic meet held at Salwaan Public School, Ghaziabad.

B) In May 2012, our following students secured under mentioned positions in the Inter School District Athletic Championship held at Rudrapur Sports Stadium.

S No. Student's Names Class Events Position
1 Harman Kaur 9th 100m Race
200m Race
2 Priyanshi Rana 10th 400m Race
800m Race

On the basis of above performance both were selected in Rudrapur Region Athletic team.

SESSION 2011-2012


In November 2011, following students were selected for National Yoga Championship, held at Dharamshala Mangalore, Karnataka.

  • Kandan Gupta-class 7th
  • Gagandeep Singh-class 5th
  • Sukhmandeep Kaur-class 4th
  • Rippanjot Kaur-class 4th


Following Students displayed an outstanding performance in the State Yoga Championship held at Dehradun (U.K) (Sep 2011)

  • Kundan Gupta (class 7th )
  • Sukhmandeep Kaur(class 4th)
  • Ripponjot Kaur(class 4th )
  • Gagandeep Singh(class 4th)

In Feb 2012, 18 students participated in Uttarakhand State Cultural Yoga Championship held at Rudrapur. Among these students, following secured below mentioned positions-

  • Kundan Gupta (class 7th )- First
  • Gagandeep Singh (class 5th )- Second
  • Harman Singh (class 5th )-second
  • Amir Khan (class 5th )-Second
  • Shobhit Maurya(class 5th )-Second
  • Harsh Maurya (class 5th )-Second
  • Sukhmandeep Kaur(class 4th )-Second
  • Rippandeep Kaur(class 4th )-Second
  • Prachi Chhabra(class 4th )-Second
  • Harnoor Pandher(classn 3rd )-Second
  • Shamsara Khan (class 9th )-third
SESSION 2012-2013

In April 2012, ten Students were Selected for 25th National Yoga Championship held at Cuttak (Orrisa).The Students were:-

  • Kundan Gupta(7th)
  • Amir Khan (class 6th)
  • Gagandeep Singh(class 6th)
  • Harmandeep Singh(class 6th)
  • Shobhit Maurya(class 6th)
  • Adarsh Chaudhary(class 5th )
  • Prachi Chhabra(class 4th )
  • SukhmanDeep Kaur(class 4th )
  • Harnoor Pandher (class 3rd )
  • Harsh Maurya (class 6th )
SESSION 2009-2010

AIKF National Karate Championship

POOJA MAURYA was the first girl to win gold medal in the history of Uttrakhand Karate.

SESSION 2010-2011

Vikram Singh Participated in International Karate Championship Columbo Srilanka.

SESSION 2011-2012

AIKF National Karate Championship

  • Shashwat Ahuja- Bronze Medal in KATA
  • Vikram Singh- Bronze Medal in KUMITA

Karate Do State Championship (Rudrapur 2012)

  • Pooja Maurya- Gold Medal
  • Ujwal Chowdhary- Silver Medal
  • Rakshit Shukla- Bronze Medal
  • Vikramjeet Singh- Silver Medal
  • Eshi Kamboj- Bronze Medal
  • Kunal Khurana- Bronze Medal
  • Akansha Mamgai- Bronze Medal

Best Excellence Award 2012- PoojaMaurya

SESSION 2012- 2013

District Tournament held at Khateema

S.No Name Class Medals
1 Shubkarman Singh 7C Gold
2 Vanshika Chalwa 7C Gold
3 Manpreet Kaur 7C Bronze
4 Jigerjot Singh 7C Bronze
5 Eshi Kamboj 8A Gold
6 Sparsh Gangwar 8A Silver
7 Harsh Maurya 7A Silver
8 Numan Khan 8A Silver

National Tournament held at Sitarganj

S.No Name Class Medals
1 Shubkarman 7C Silver
2 VanshikaChawla 7C Bronze
3 Eshi Kamboj 8A Gold
4 Navneet Singh 7A Gold
5 Ujwal Chowdhary 9 Bronze
6 Gursevak Singh 9 Bronze

SESSION 2009-2010

In Dec 2009, five girls and two boys were selected for junior National Netball Championship held at Nashik (Maharashtra).

SESSION 2011-2012

Four students were selected for 24th National Netball Championship held at Haridwar from 21st March to 28th March 2012.


Our School basketball teams (boys & girls) have regularly participated in various district and regional championships. In 2008-2009, 2010-2011 and 2012, our girls' team reached up to Pre-quarterfinals in CBSE Cluster basketball tournaments.


On 11 May 2012 following Students were Runners - up In District Volleyball Championship at Rudrapur.

  • Faraz Ali
  • Harchetan Singh
  • Avanish
  • Mayank Saluja
  • Jitendra Singh
  • Raja Biswas
  • Kushagra
  • Mayank Singh
  • Lovepreet Singh
  • Taranpreet Singh
  • Gursevak Singh
  • Prakash Singh
  • The school volleyball team regularly participates in CBSE Cluster volleyball Championship.


A)State Championship

In 2010-11, Shivansh Khanijo of class 9th qualified for State Badminton Championship held at Dehradun. Four students participated in District Championship held at sports stadium Rudrapur in April 2011. Our School Badminton team regularly participates in various Championships and has shown good performance.


A) CBSE Cluster

In Sep 2011, five Students represented school T.T. team. Tushar Singh (XI Sci) reached the quarter final and ShivamThukral(XI Sci) reached up to pre-quarterfinal. This tournament was held in C.L Gupta World School, Moradabad.

B) District Championship

In Sep 2012 Tushar Singh of class 12 Science and Ankur Grover of class 11 Science reached the semi-finals in District Table Tennis Championship held at Rudrapur Sports Stadium.


CBSE Cluster Skating

In 2012-13 following students were selected for CBSE cluster Skating Competition for junior, sub junior and senior categories.

  • Kunal khurana
  • Ujjawal Choudhary
  • Harman Singh
  • Gagandeep Singh
  • Dev Arora
  • Ravindra Singh
  • Shobhit Mourya
  • Harmanpreet Singh
  • Garry Manpreet Singh
  • Rishab Bisht
  • Gursevak Singh
  • Gulzar Khan
  • Akshdeep Singh
  • Anmol Koli
  • Gurjit Singh Sekhon

Our School is first in the region to start skating and is the only skating team in the region.


Our School organizes Swimming camp of two weeks each year during May, under the guidance of expert coaches. This camp is organized in mini pool situated inside the school campus.


    The following students participated in District Para Sailing Course by Adventure Tourism Department in 2010 (Udham Singh Nagar)

  • ShashwatAhuja
  • Kajal Bora
  • Shraddha Singh

In Ranibagh Adventure Camp , students participated in Rock climbing, Tracking , Rappelling, River crossing, Camping etc.

Adventure Camp of two days and three nights was held in Bhimtal. Students participated in Night tracking, rock climbing, ladder climbing, Air gun shooting, yoga, Bhimtal trekking ,Naukuchiyatal trekking ,Bon - fire, Singing and Dancing Activity.


Our school organizes various inter house sports activities throughout the year. These sports activities include-

  • Annual Athletic meet
  • Basketball tournament
  • Volleyball tournament
  • Football tournament
  • Cricket tournament
  • Kho-Kho tournament
  • Badminton tournament
  • Table Tennis Tournament
  • Chess Competition
  • Yoga and Gymnastic Competitions.

These tournament/Competitions are organized in Sub Junior-I, Sub Junior-II, juniors and senior categories.

SESSION 2013-2014
JAYCEES WEEK ( organized by JCI, Rudrapur )


Priyanshi-11 Science secured First Position


Charu Agarwal of class 10B got Second Position


Dance Competition:24 August 2013

Holy Child School Dance Team secured-3rd position Team Members

  • Shreya Jindal -11 Com. A
  • Ravneet Kaur-10 A
  • Tanya Singh-9C
  • Khushboo Koli-9C
  • Akansha Patel-9C
  • Nimisha Maurya-9C
  • Anushka Verma-9C
  • Manjeet Kaur-9C
  • Dhairya Sharma-9C
  • Shubhi Agarwal-9C

Solo Song Competition Organized by Lok RachanaSamiti

Names of students selected from Holy child school.

Sanjali Jain, Divanyshi Narang, Raghav Chaturvedi, Shreya Bhagat, Madhav Sharma, Shradha Shrivastava,Gourangi Chaturvedi.