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HCS was founded in 1999. It is an Ultra Modern English Medium School run by Holy Children Education & Welfare Society. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. The aim of the school is to provide a holistic system of Education; based on Indian Culture and Tradition.

HCS System of Education

The curriculum is designed to ensure all round development of each student. Apart from being comprehensive, technological methodology is introduced at all stages to develop the intellectual personality to achieve academic success. The medium of instruction is English and special emphasis is laid on both written and spoken English at all levels.

The scheme of studies is structured and flexible while the link between Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary stages is integrated and phased out.

Primary to V

At this level emphasis is on a development based curriculum and students are taught the essential concepts of the subjects. The progress of each students is monitored closely and regular assessments are conducted, the results of which are communicated to the parents for a partnership between them and the school.

Emphasis is also laid on developing positive attitudes and healthy habits among students. Apart from preparing students for academics they are also taught the importance of dignity, honesty and high moral fibre during their schooling at HSC.

Middle School VI to VIII

During this three-years period the student's intellectual aesthetic, physical and cultural growth and development are intensified and extended to a foundation course designed to suit students from all educational backgrounds.

A smooth transition from childhood to adolescence is facilitated by imparting comprehensive value and need based education.

At the end of this stage the students are prepared to take up any curriculum Indian or International

Secondary IX & X

A two year period moves students into top gear as they develop both depth and breadth of context in theory and application. Individual attention through remedial enrichment classes are the stages used for students to prepare to face the All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) conducted by the (CBSE) Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

Senior Secondary XI & XII

This is the plus two stage in the 10 + 2 pattern of education leading to the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) conducted by the (CBSE) Central Board of Secondary Education. The School offers two mail stream i.e., Commerce and Science

The School offers two options of study at this stage. English, General Studies, Physical & Health and Education Work Experience are compulsory.

1. Science Stream
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, Physical Education

2. Commerce Stream Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics Physical Education/mathematics

The combination scheme of subjects may be changed as required/advised by the CBSE. No change of Subjects is permitted in Grade-XII

Students who pass the All India Secondary School Examination (Class-X) do not automatically qualify for Admission to Class-XI. The school reserves the right to refuse Admission to any students whose Conduct or Academic Performance is not up to the mark

It is obligatory to speak in English within the School Premises.

House System

In order to inculcate belongingness and team spirit and also a healthy spirit of competition, students of classes I to XII have been divided among the following four houses:

S.N.House NameHouse Motto
I)AchieversImpetus for excellence
II)ConquerorsFaith & perseverance merit success
III)ChallengersEqual opportunity for all
IV)WarriorsCommitment to the core

To ensure the development of leadership qualities in the students, each house is headed by a House Captain, Vice House Captain and House Monitors. These Houses assume the responsibility of conducting assembly and maintaining discipline in the school. All Houses work under the guidance of House Wardens assisted by House Tutors.

The Student Council consists of the Head Boy, Head Girl, Captains, Vice Captains and Sports Captains and are monitored and supervised by the House Wardens/Assistant House Wardens and Tutors.

The Student Council members meet periodically to discuss common problems and they learn to share a sense of solidarity, loyalty and team spirit.


Scholar badges & certificates are awarded every year to meritorious students who secure the highest percentage in each class in the Final Exam.

Merit and participation certificates are issued to students throughout the year for various activities, competitions and assembly activities at the intra-class, class, Inter house levels.

Remedial Classes

The school arranges for remedial classes in certain Subjects after school hours or before school hours to help students improve and come upto a desired level.

N.B.: The parents are expected to co-operate by dropping/picking the child accordingly.

Public Examination

The school encourages students to participate in "The National Science Talent Search Exam" and in various other Olympiads as National Science Olympiad, National Cyber Olympiad, National Standard Examination for Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics, National Talent Search Examination and International Mathematics Olympiad from Class III upwards. The students also participate in All India Annual General Knowledge Test from Class V upwards and in National Interactive Science Olympiad from Class I upwards.

Commendation for Academic Performance

To recognize and appreciate excellence in academic achievement in each term and encourage students to perform better, a Commendation Certificate is issued to the deserving students from Nursery to XII.


The school counsellor is a specialist in Child Psychology and, therefore, plays a vital role in the development of children who need special care or attention.

The counsellor identifies such children and helps the teachers and parents to deal with these children effectively.

Parents can take the counsellor's help in case they find a change in the behaviourial pattern of their child.

The counsellor can particularly help in cases of learning disabilities, hyperactive children, slow learners and children with temporarily changed behavioural pattern due to bereavement! Illness in the family or due to some external factors.


A child with a learning disability is said to 'learn differently'. Early identification and remedial teaching using multi-sensory techniques helps a child overcome his difficulties to a very large extent.

Famous personalities like Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill, Leonardo-da-Vinci and Albert Einstein all had difficulty in learning to read and write. So it is of utmost importance that we not only help the child to learn differently but also identify his strengths and provide proper training and guidance so that he may excel in that field.

We at HCS ensure that all children get the individual attention they deserve so that we may Identify their strengths and challenges and work towards making each child a successful human being.


We provide career counselling and guidance to students and their parents periodically on how to achieve their goals and meet their challenges through an Expert Professional Counsellor and Guide appointed by the school. Parents may be given an opportunity to consult the expert on a one-to-one basis for IX-XII Class students.