Question 1 :- When was H.C.S commissioned?

Answer :- The school commenced in April 1999.

Question 2 :- What is H.C.S?

Answer :- Holy Child school (H.C.S) is a multidimensional project in the field of education that aims at transforming the potentialities of child into real life gains with the help of highly motivated team of professionals and experts. It is our mission to provide the best to the children at an impressionable age. It is the commitment of H.C.S to present young generation a world class educational centre where the child can receive the hi-tech education on the solid foundation of our heritage.

Question 3 :- Why H.C.S?

Answer :- It is noticed that children of present times are savaged by the stealthy intrusions of western culture. In order to provide the opportunity to our children to appreciate greatness of our culture and practise its noble principles like service, non-violence, respect for other religions, living in harmony with nature etc.

Question 4 :- In what way H.C.S is different from others?

Answer :- This school not only concentrates on the gentle unfolding of the total personality of the children but also provides the academic excellence coupled with training to induce and develop right attitudinal change in them..

Question 5 :- What are the special features of H.C.S?

Answer :- Healthy staff- student ratio, so as to ensure personal attention. Experienced and committed staff. Computer education through latest operating systems. Mentor scheme to monitor every child's progress and attitude. Modern and hi-tech laboratory and teaching methods to make learning enjoyable. Excellent sports facilities for cricket, basket ball, valley ball, swimming, reading etc.

Question 6 :- Are students provided with counselling and career guidance?

Answer :- Apart from teachers H.C.S has, qualified visiting counsellors who help students in academic and career planning. Based on the aptitude and performance of the students, guidance is given to them regarding the courses of study or the universities for further studies.

Question 7 :- When do the academic activities of the school begin?

Answer :- The school's new session starts in 1st week of April.

Question 8 :- What is the eligibility Criteria for admission in H.C.S?

Answer :- H.C.S will be happy to receive inquiries from parents from any part of India. A certain level of academic achievement is expected for admission in the school so that the child can cope up with the curriculum and can enjoy his/her stay at this school.

Question 9 :- Which are the grades for which admission can be sought?

Answer :- The admission will be available for Nr-IX and XI (Science and Commerce).

Question 10 :- What is the normal admission procedure?

Answer :- The decision for provisional admission is based on the information provided in the registration form.

Question 11 :- How can I register my name for admission?

Answer :-Application for admission in the prescribed forms should be sent to the Principal, duly filled along with the prescribed registration fee for registration.

Question 12 :- What are the documents required for admission?

Answer :- The Prescribed application form duly filled.

  • Recent Photographs: 4 copies of past- port size.
  • Registration Fee: A non refundable & non transferable fee.
  • The Health Form: A medical form duly filled and signed by a registered medical Practitioner/ Physician.
  • School Reports: Copies of previous year reports
  • Character certificate

Question 13 :- When should I contact for further information.

Answer :- Get in touch with Holy Child School Near Degree College Rudrapur Ph:- 05944-244301 9219413613

Question 14 :- What are the Boarding Lodging & other facilities available at H.C.S.

Answer :- Aesthetically designed dorms air conditioned separate for boys & girls, conforming to world class standards. They are given wholesome vegetarian food. Laundry, saloon and tuck shop are available. The menu is changed periodically to cater the taste of children maintaining the correct nutritional balance.

Question 15 :- What Kind of importance is given to sports.

Answer :- H.C.S believes in training the body as much as training the mind. Excellent facilities are provided for both outdoor and indoor games. Under the guidance of trained persons students can learn different games and sports. The sports complex has a 200 meter athletic track, courts and grounds for tennis, volleyball, basket ball, cricket and Swimming pool. Students are participating at national as well as international level in karate , Shooting Basketball, Cricket and Athletics.

Question 16 :- What about the extra curricular activities.

Answer :- Co- curricular activities are almost as important as academics in moulding the over all personality of the students. We provide opportunities in this area through various hobby clubs and societies.

Question 17 :- Innovations H.C.S might have made?

Answer :- H.C.S has joined hand with e-guru NIIT to provide learning through Interactive Smart Class Rooms where teaching is made through audio visual aids based on computers controlled from centralised server room.

H.C.S has been given affiliation by at Edexel for IGCSE and GCE - A levels course of Planet EDU- an international board for 10+2 level educational. A pass in four subjects, complete flexibility in subjects and periodicity of exams entitles the student to get admission in any indian and foreign university and technical institute.

H.C.S has joined hands with Edfocus for personality grooming.