The fundamental objective of Holy Child School is to create and sustain an environment in which children can learn, explore and discover themselves and the world around them. We attempt to achieve this by providing the three vital components in shaping the child-values, knowledge and vision.

Academic Block:

The academic block hosts- Classrooms,Labs and staff rooms. Each of these classes is of rectangular shape and are designed in such a way that the children have access to all forms of technology being set by their teachers. Careful thought has been applied in the construction of the classrooms. Each one well ventilated with plenty of natural light thus keeping the atmosphere fresh and making them an ideal setting for concentrated learning.

Science Park

A science park has been developed to make learning science more interesting. Students may watch different instruments like Periscope, automobile parts, centripetal force, Echo tube , Periodic table, DNA model etc. in an environment outside the class.


This block hosts the laboratories such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computers, English Conversation, Mathematics and Kindergarten Resource Centre.

Chemistry Laboratory

A modern and well equipped lab is available with necessary equipments for conducting practical experiments for the integrated science courses of the Sr. Sec. School stage as per the requirements of the new curriculum and scheme of studies laid down by the CBSE Board.

Future Plans

To explore more on self explanatory projects/ models such as: Electromagnetic Separation and Extraction of Metals. To bring out a science Journal, which will provide a forum to the enthusiastic budding scientist for understanding and development of simple models and projects.

Biology Laboratory

A modern and well equipped lab is available with requisite, essential and desirable equipments for conducting practical experiments for students laid down by the CBSE Board.

Physics Laboratory

To kindle and cater to the interest of the young minds a modern & spacious laboratory is available f or the students.The laboratory is equipped with adequate number of high quality apparatus to conduct practical experiments prescribed by the CBSE Board.

English Conversation Laboratory

At H.C.S, there are excellent and well equipped resource centre namely business point, modular kitchen, ICT corner, Dramatic part etc. to develop the conversation skills in English.

Mathematics Laboratory

Maths lab is well equipped to explain the difficult logics and solution of mathematical theorems/problems through innovative, demonstrative and creative activities.


The library is the heart of any learning institute. We, at H.C.S are trying hard to develop the reading habits and encouraging the students to develop the habit of discussing books, subborrowing and lending themselves when they finish reading their own books. The library is equipped with large no. of books/journals.

Future Plans

A very strong area of focus is to give a new look to the library which includes the Internet access to the British Council library and the other major libraries, a facility that enables immediate and easy access to information.